Download the Funnelback vs Google Search offering (appliance, site, mini) feature-for-feature comparison chart to see how Funnelback offers you more flexibility, features, and control on your search to both SMBs and Enterprises.
Funnelback search platform offers:
  • Complimentary SEO, Content, and Accessibility Auditors
  • Developers-friendly API
  • Custom ranking and query manipulation 
The ebook includes case studies from our clients QBE Insurance Group, London School of Economics, and Bank of Queensland.

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Increasing ROI through Site Search

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Funnelback Vs. GSA

Feature-for-Feature Comparison Chart and Case Studies 

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If you're struggling to understand what web accessibility is, how it applies to you and why it's important - then you need this guide

In this guide you will learn:

  • What terms like WCAG, the "four principles" and accessibility compliance actually mean
  • Useful and practical steps to becoming compliant 
  • Why you should care about accessibility, beyond it being a legal requirement



The Ultimate Guide to Web Accessibility


Practical steps to understanding and implementing web accessibility

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