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Funnelback's Program Finder allows prospects to easily browse, compare, and research your institution's core offerings. 

Program Finder users at UND convert to the online application 160% more than average site users. 

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Funnelback is a website search platform that combines a powerful machine learning algorithm with a comprehensive insight engine to empower your customers and your team.


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Finding information about majors and academic programs is the No. 1 reason prospects visit a college website.

mStoner, 2019

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Funnelback's robust analytics provide insight into program health and user behavior on your website. Monitor trends and measure improvement over time to align with institutional goals. 

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Recruitment targets are, now more than ever, imperative to the survival of a higher institution. 

Digital experiences need to match the high expectations of the new generation of students. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between the time it takes a potential student to find a program on your website, and the decision to make an application. 

Allow prospective students to browse or search for a program that is right for them based on keywords, degree type, term, location, and more. 

Enable Task Completion

A frictionless site search experience allows your visitors to find what they were looking for and accomplish what they came to do.

Tailor content discovery

Your team has the content. Now it's time to make sure that people who are unfamiliar with your IA can also find it. 

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Control your  results

Customize your results ranking and appearance with rich media, custom result summaries, and the ability to promote the best result.

University of North Dakota implemented a program finder and within months, time per session for program pages increased by nearly 3X .

Champion Student Success. Hit recruitment targets.

Out-of-the-box template for quick and easy deployment

Best in class search and navigation UX

Use existing content repositories, no data migration required

Promote your best programs with call to actions

Cater for spelling mistakes, slang terminology, and more

Help students and prospects discover your institution's offerings. 

Shortlisting programs allows users side-by-side comparison

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